What is PIWoP?

1,000,000’s of items drop in price each day, so we decided to create PIWoP. Our engine monitors the prices of products you choose and alerts you when their prices drop

Why PIWoP?

Save Money

Use our Universal price-drop alert engine to tell you when items you like drop in price to or below a level you choose.

Major Retailers

PIWoP works on most retailers' sites for any item. If PIWoP doesn't work on one (there will be some!) just tell us and our Pandatechs will fix it for you.

It’s So Easy

Once installed just click the Panda button in your browser, or download the App to "share" with PIWoP on a phone/tablet, and enter your PriceIWantoPay

How PIWoP Works



We need to know where to send your price-drop alerts. Registration is Free and you can PIWoP as many items as you like.


Install Extension / App

To use on a PC/Mac install the extension for your preferred browser and also download the App so you can use on your phone/tablet too.


Create PIWoP's

Now, when you are browsing/shopping online & find items that you want, don't buy them ... PIWoP them (and arrange them into your own lists).

Image of Retailers

Price Watch Items from these Retailers and Many More

Use PIWoP with virtually any online retailer

What Our Customers Say

Customers all over the world have saved 1000’s using PIWoP.

"I love PIWoP - It has taught me to wait a while and save"

"My kids use it too - It has taught them the value of waiting a bit - So good for them"

"It saves me time - I don't need to go back to check - the Pandas do that for me"

"I use it for repeat purchases - when those items prices drop I buy enough for a month or three"

"PIWoP is a brilliant idea - can't think how I existed without it"

"I just saved $55 on some sunglasses just in time for my Holiday to Wyoming"

PIWoP for Free & Save Money

Sign-up today and PIWoP as many items as you like.