About Piwop

Pandas are so particular about their diet that they only like one type of Bamboo shoot, and the price fluctuates up and down as crops and demand varies.

Pandas are also always short of money, mainly because they don’t have pockets, so a bunch of tech savvy Pandas created PIWoP which stands for ‘Price I Want to Pay’ to tip them off if the price of their Bamboo on their favourite website is reduced. 

This allows them to get on with their hectic, fast paced lives and do all those crucial things like eat more Bamboo, ignore potential mates and shake undergrowth to scare explorers, whilst PIWoP monitors the price for them. 

When a sale or reduction occurs, PIWoP sends them a PANDA (Price Alert Notification at Desired Amount!) alert so they can enjoy a bargain.

It wasn’t long before one of the more enterprising Pandas, named Ching Ching, thought of offering PIWoP to humans so they could monitor the price of their little luxuriesstuff and at the same time the Pandas could earn a little income to buy a wallet, or a nice shoulder bag to carry their cash. Today Ching Ching is honoured by being featured in the company logo as the great wise Panda who brought PIWoP to the masses. 

You can try PIWoP for free, just register and you can set alerts for as many items as you like. Only after you get your first PANDA do you need to pay the small subscription and the saving you made on that will cover it!

PIWoP gets no commissions on any purchases and has no links to the retailers you choose to buy from, it just asks you for £3.99, twice per year, which is a fraction of what you’ll can save. 

When you save with PIWoP you can donate directly via WWF to help those Pandas who aren’t as tech savvy as Ching Ching and often don’t even have access to Broadband

Register and download the PIWoP browser button and/or App to start saving money and then, of course, Pandas!