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Four Easy Ways To Save Money on Holiday Shopping

You have finally booked the holiday you needed all year round. Now it’s time to start holiday shopping! However, while we’re quick to look for shopping deals on locations and scrimp on the cost of flights, 90% of travellers admit to overspending on the luggage they take with them abroad.

As money saving experts and the developers of a revolutionary price drop alert tool, the team at PIWoP have provided four money saving tips that will help you stay in budget on your travels.

Take Advantage of Sales.

Before you rush out to purchase your holiday clothing straight away, take advantage of the seasonal sales. They are a great way to save money on your holiday shop, especially if you’re travelling during peak season. With plenty of retailers holding sales every season, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t find discounted items online.

Look For Free Shipping.

Another way to save money on your holiday shopping spree is to look out for websites that offer free shipping. Some clothing shops, such as Nordstrom and Zappos, offer free shipping all year round. Others may offer free shipping during holiday seasons so make sure to check before you click ‘purchase’.

Don’t Procrastinate, Make Plans.

Did you know that last minute holiday shoppers spent £250 more than those who planned ahead? When you race against the clock, you are far less conscious of what you’re spending. It also means you are more likely to pick up items you’re unlikely to use or wear during your trip. Instead, create an outfit plan to ensure you buy exactly what you need and prevent overspending.

Use Money-Saving Tools.

When it comes to holiday shopping, it can be difficult to find a price you want to pay for certain holiday essentials like suitcases and swimsuits. If you’re looking to save money on your holiday shopping purchases this summer, why not try PIWoP? PIWoP is a responsive price alert service which allows users to track the price of the products they want. PIWoP (via its app and/or email) will then send an alert once the product has fallen to the price you would be willing to pay so you can purchase it (or not!) at its new price (that may actually be lower than your target price!)

For more information about our price drop alert tool, visit our How It Works page.

How To Save Money on Luxury Beauty Products

It goes without saying that beauty products are expensive. In fact, a study by Groupon revealed that the typical British woman spends an average of £70,294 on their appearance in their lifetime. This includes everything from manicures and beauty products to gym memberships and cosmetic procedures.

With a grand total of £112.65 being spent on makeup each month, you may want to start cutting back on your spending and put that money towards something more valuable. Here are some ways you can save money on your favourite products:

Look into buying beauty products in bulk or family size.

When you’re purchasing your favourite shampoo or moisturiser, it’s important to look into buying products in bulk from places like Costco to save yourself some money. You will be surprised at how much you can save by purchasing your beauty products in bulk - plus, you will never run out of shampoo and conditioner!

Use all of the makeup you already have before buying more.

There are too many people who throw away makeup and toiletries before we even finish using them. This is not only bad for the environment but terrible for your savings. Therefore, we recommend using all of the products in your bathroom until they are completely empty before you buy new ones. You may even find old toothpaste hiding around that can still be used.

Hunt down online coupon codes and discounts.

Before checking out, make sure you look for online offers and discounts for the store. You will be surprised at the number of discounts big retailers offer and how much money you can save.

PIWoP Blog - Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding Day

From professional photographers to the all-important dress, there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. However, all of these wedding essentials come with a hefty price tag, making the cost of a wedding run into the thousands - even tens of thousands! In fact, a recent study by - a popular wedding planning website, revealed that the average person ends up spending a total of £32,273 on their big day. 

With wedding season just a few months away, the team at PIWoP expect that couples will be in the throws of wedding planning. That’s why our money experts have put together a list of the very best money saving tips for your special day.

Set a budget and stick to it.

You may have heard it over and over again but there’s a reason people are telling you to set a budget. Couples often overlook setting a budget because it seems so easy to not go overboard when buying supplies. Yet soon enough every couple realises they have massively overspent on something like wedding flowers and cannot afford to spend extra money on a DJ or catering.

Therefore, it’s important to have a detailed list of what you want to spend on suppliers for your wedding day. Prioritise the most important aspects of your wedding day such as the venue and wedding dress as these will be where most of your budget goes. This will help to keep your wedding plans within your budget.

Try DIY-ing your own decorations.

Wedding decorations are a beautiful addition to your big day, helping you to transform the venue and make it your own. However, the cost of fresh flowers, candles and bunting can add up when bought from professional wedding suppliers. If you want to save money on these details, why not try DIY-ing your centrepieces and seating plan boards by looking for inspiration on websites like Pinterest and YouTube.

Search for deals and discounts online.

Would you ever consider purchasing your wedding dress online? Or have you thought about searching for discounts on wedding shoes and jewellery to save yourself a bit of cash? You will be surprised at the offers and discounts you could receive by shopping around online. Stores like Debenhams and John Lewis often have massive sales on their high-end clothing, meaning you could grab some designer shoes at a fraction of their original cost.

If you’re looking to save money on your online wedding purchases, why not utilise our price drop alert tool. Over the last few years, we have developed a responsive price alert service, which allows our users to keep an eye on the price of the products they want. Our app will then notify you when the product reaches the price you have set as being an ideal price. For more information about our price alert service, why not visit our ‘How it Works’ page!


How to Save Money on Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is just around the corner and many of us are already eyeing up the latest collections ready to be featured on the rails of our wardrobes. According to Mintel, Britain spent almost £1 billion during the summer and many predict that this year will be no different.

Whether you’re in need of a new wardrobe, or simply need to update some key pieces, you might be wondering how to save your money. With this in mind, the experts at PIWoP have shared their top money saving tips for saving on your summer wardrobe.

Shop With Cash (Only!)

At some point in our lives, we’ve overspent on our credit cards just to have an extra treat. By shopping with cash, you’ll only be able to spend what you can afford. If you don’t have enough money to buy those £120 shoes, then you’ll simply have to save for them instead. Alternatively, find them online, set the price you are willing to pay for them using PIWoP and then all you have to do is wait for it to reach this reduced figure!

Hit The Outlet Stores

If you love designer clothes, but love low price shopping, even more, try shopping at outlet stores instead. Designer outlet stores like T.K Maxx and Gunwarf Quays are a great way to save money on your summer wardrobe but be careful, with so many bargains, it’s easy to load up your cart with non-essential items and rack up hundreds of pounds.

Shop Trends Carefully

That snakeskin dress might look nice now, but can you see yourself wearing it more than once? Some trends are destined to pass quickly and should be avoided by the budget-conscious. Instead of splashing the cash on fast fashion, invest in quality pieces that you can update all year round; not just for summer.

Look For Online Deals

Everyone loves a bargain! When it comes to saving money on your summer wardrobes, look out for discounts from online retailers. You can also sign up for email newsletters, to get exclusive coupons and deals as well as being the first to know when they have a sale on. However, if you cannot find the product you want at a price, you’re willing to pay, why not try PIWoP?

At PIWoP, we have created a revolutionary price drop alert tool that allows you to track the price of products you want until they have reached the price you want to pay. It’s safe and simple to use on both mobile and internet browser.

Start saving and register your interest today!

5 Ways To Save Money As A Dog Owner

They say that dog is man’s best friend but how much are people willing to spend on their pooch? Well, according to a 2018 report by MORE TH>N, dog owners spend an average of £240 on their animal best friends each month. That’s a grand total of £2,880 spent on food, treats, grooming, pet insurance and more each year!

While the cost of owning a dog is well-documented online, there are still a large number of dog owners (58%) who failed to research the associated costs when buying a dog. In particular, people severely underestimated the cost of vet bills, meaning they were in for a nasty surprise when their dog needed treatment.

It is clear that having a dog is a huge investment. However, there is no shame in admitting you would like to spend a little less money on your pooch, if it still gets the care required. The experts here at PIWoP have shared their top money saving tips for cutting back on the cost of pet essentials.

Make dog toys and bedding yourself

A pet shop may seem like the best place to buy new toys and bedding for your puppy, but what if we told you everything you needed was already at your house? With the rate at which a dog destroys its toys, you will save yourself tons of cash by creating DIY dog toys from old t-shirts, plastic bottles or bed sheets. You can even make a dog bed by stuffing old pillowcases and sewing them together.

Buy in bulk

Food and treats are one of the most expensive costs (after vet bills) associated with owning a dog. In order to cut down on the cost of pet food, why not looking into buying in bulk. Online stores like Pet Supermarket and Monster Pet Supplies allow you to purchase your favourite dog food brands in large quantities but at discounted prices to pet shops.

Take a dog grooming course

Regular professional dog grooming costs can certainly stack up so we recommend at home grooming. You will find that you can purchase the same shampoos and brushes that a groomer will use online. However, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to trim your dog’s coat, why not take an online dog grooming course so you know exactly what to do!

Keep an eye on your dog’s health

It goes without saying that vet bills are extremely expensive so it’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy. You can do this by providing them with daily exercise and nutritional food, as well as health supplements if needed. By keeping your dog as healthy as possible, you can avoid any unnecessary trips to the vets. However, make sure you are regularly checking for any abnormalities or changes in your dog’s behaviour. The earlier you spot signs of illness, the cheaper the vet bills!

Shop online for discounts and deals.

Finally, it’s important to be a smart shopper if you want to save money on pet care essentials. Make sure you are looking for the best deals and discounts on products by shopping around. You will find that pet shops are often the most expensive place to buy pet accessories so we recommend checking places like department stores and discount shops. However, if you cannot find the product at a price you like in store, why not check out online stores like Amazon and eBay.

Here at PIWoP, we have developed a revolutionary price drop alert tool, allowing you to track the price of the products you want until they reach the price you would like to pay. It’s quick and easy to register and start using our price tracker app on both mobile and Internet browser. For more information about our price alert service, why not visit our ‘How it Works’ page!

Five Easy Yet Ingenious Money Saving Tips from The Experts at PIWoP

There is nothing more frustrating than realising you have unnecessarily given away your hard-earned money. Yet most of us are guilty of throwing money at unwanted Netflix subscriptions and clothing you didn’t need because you have failed to organise your finances. However, when you spend a couple of hours fixing your finances, you can dramatically increase the amount of money you have to spend on the necessary yet fun things in life - like holidays or a new car!

Here at PIWoP - a price drop alert tool that allows you to watch the prices of items you want, our experts have provided their top five money saving tips for quick financial fixes:


1. Eat in restaurants during their ‘off-peak’ times.

No matter where you go, restaurants are typically busiest on Friday and Saturday because people are meeting up with their friends and family for the weekend. However, if you’re flexible, you could save a huge amount of money by going during the week or on a Sunday. This is because restaurants offer special offers and discounts to entice customers to visit their establishment during their slowest times.


2. Stick to the 30-day rule.

The most important rule of personal finance is avoiding the instant gratification you get from purchasing. In order to do this, you need to wait at least 30 days before making a purchase. You will find that after a few weeks the urge to purchase has passed and you will save yourself some money by not making an impulsive purchase. If you were on the fence about buying the product anyway, giving yourself some time will help give you a better perspective on whether it’s worth your money. PIWoP can help with this if you PIWoP something you can go back to your lists to check if the items you did "want" you still do! Added to the fact that you get notified if they are reduced!


3. Repair and repurpose clothing - don’t throw away!

Don’t just chuck away a new shirt because a button has popped off - instead sew on a new one with some thread. You will find yourself saving lots of money when you decide to fix it yourself, instead of buying new clothing. However, if you lack the basic sewing skills necessary to fix your clothing, why not repurpose your old clothing into items for around the house? You can find plenty of inspiration online; from shirt pillowcases to denim draft stoppers.


4. Switch off your television.

Did you know turning off the TV can drastically cut down on your spending? Not only are you less exposed to spend-inducing adverts but a lower electric bill (and sometimes a lower TV package if you decide to downgrade your subscription) will give you more time to focus on other things in life. For example, putting down the TV remote means you can spend more time improving and marketing your side business, meaning you can make money rather than losing it.


5. Use price comparison websites. 

There are many price comparison websites out there - and for good reasons. They help you as a customer to find the product you want at the cheapest available price. Whether you’re looking to find the best deals on electronics or discounted designer shoes, it’s worth utilising these websites to find the best offers. Price tracking tools like PIWoP are different. They tell you when items you want, get reduced in the future to lower levels than a price comparison site will show you, as they just look at current prices.

To find out more information about PIWoP, why not get in touch with our team or visit our ‘How it Works’ page!

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