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How to Save Your Money: Millennial Money Saving Tips

It’s a given that millennials do not have much money and yet as a generation, they are always told they need to save more money. Whether it’s student debts or the high cost of renting, generation Y are faced with the prospect of actually being worse off than their parents and grandparents. So how exactly can you make your money last until the end of the month while building up your savings?

The experts here at PIWoP - the brains behind the money saving, price drop alert tool, have put together list of tips for saving money as a millennial.


1. Find the right student credit card.

Unfortunately, a number of students make the mistake of waiting until after university to get their first credit card. As a result, when you try to apply for a mortgage or apartment, you have no credit score to back you up. Don’t be afraid to get a credit card while you’re at university. There are a number of credit card companies who make cards just for students so you cannot overspend and get into debt but still build a credit rating.

2. Get rid of some of your subscriptions.

From Netflix to beauty subscription boxes, the cost of monthly subscriptions can definitely add up! While they may only charge £10 a month, you can easily forget about the things you have signed up for, meaning these companies are getting your money for nothing. If you’re not using the subscription regularly, make sure you cancel it and put the money you would have spent in your savings.

3. Download a budgeting app.

You have probably heard it time and time again: “you need to set a budget” or “write up a list of all your outgoings!” Both phrases of which, are nearly just as annoying as “you need to think about your future.” However, making a budget isn’t the hard part, it’s sticking to one. There are a number of apps for budgeting and money saving which you can try - or if you want to keep it old-fashioned, try creating an Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to save money on your essential buys this month, why not utilise PIWoP’s price alert service, which helps you to track the price of the items you want to buy until they reach a price you’re happy to pay.

To find out more information about how you can save with PIWoP’s price tracking website, click here.


How to Save Your Money: Travelling at a Fraction of the Price

Going on a family trip can be expensive - particularly when it involves buying specialist equipment for all the family! Whether it’s a ski jacket or secure hiking rucksack, purchasing the right kit for your holiday doesn’t have to be costly. You just need to do your research, plan in advance and get a little creative.

The team here at PIWoP - the developers behind the revolutionary price drop alert tool, have written up all their best money saving tips for buying travel equipment this year.


1. Purchase used backpacks and travel kit.

Before you rush off to the nearest hiking shop to buy a brand-new North Face backpack, you may want to take a look at eBay, charity shops and online marketplaces like Facebook. You will be surprised at the number of people selling unwanted items for hiking trips and skiing holidays. It’s definitely worth looking at second-hand shops when buying kids items like walking boots and salopettes. Your children will grow out of these items quickly and you don’t want to spend a fortune without making the most of your money.


2. Shop around for the best prices.

You may have found a pair of ski goggles you really like the look of online, but don’t buy straight away - even if it looks like a really great deal! We recommend searching the web and comparing the item you found to other listings on websites like Amazon. You may find you are able to find the items you really want cheaper elsewhere.


3. Wait until the right moment to buy.

If you’re looking to purchase brand new skiing gear, avoid purchasing in the prime of the winter season. Instead, look out for end of season sales where you can purchase all of the equipment you like at a fraction of the cost. If you want to keep an eye on certain items, why not utilise a price tracker app like PIWoP. When you find a helmet or gloves you love, all you have to do is add them to your watchlist and set the ‘Price I Want to Pay’. Once the item hits your desired price, you will be notified and you can save yourself hundreds of pounds!


If you want to find out more information about how to save your money, check out all of our latest blogs.


Or if you haven’t already taken advantage of our price alert service yet, then sign up here. Our price tracker app gives you access to all the best shopping deals on the latest travel equipment and helps you find the lowest price on expensive ski and walking gear.


How to Save Your Money: Getting Designer Clothes for Less

For fashion-focused individuals, there is nothing worse than having Prada tastes on a Primark budget. In fact, it can often leave you flipping through the pages of Vogue feeling green with envy. However, while designer fashion isn’t cheap, there are ways you can get designer brands into your closet - without breaking the bank!


The team at PIWoP - a unique price tracker app, have provided three money-saving tips when shopping for designer clothing:


1. Buy unworn, second-hand clothing.

It’s possible to find designer clothing for less than half of their original price when you shop second-hand. Rather than hitting up your local charity shop, try shopping sites such as Depop and eBay to find unworn designer clothing for cheap prices.

If you’re looking for some antique pieces, try browsing vintage fairs and antique shops to find designer clothing from every era.


2. Shop for off-season pieces.

When you shop with your favourite designer in the off-season, you can often score major discounts on clothing. For example, retailers will clear out their stock from summer in September to make space for any new merchandise. Keep an eye on all your favourite pieces throughout the year and then make your way to the sales at the end of the season to purchase them at a fraction of the price.


3. Wait for the sales.

Say you have your eye on a certain handbag, or pair of designer shoes, but you don’t have £300 to drop on clothing right away; we recommend using a price drop alert service like PIWoP. When you spot something you’re looking to purchase, but it’s a little outside of your price range, all you have to do is add it to your PIWoP list. We ask you exactly how much you want to pay for the item and then, our tool will alert you when it hits that price in the sales – easy!


If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service this year, then register on our site. Previously, our users have used PIWoP to purchase discount shoes and low price watches - and you could be next!

How to Save Your Money: Turn Small Savings into Big Bucks

At this time of year, the success of your new year’s resolutions is looking bright. You have succeeded in not snacking on your leftover Christmas chocolate and the gym is your second home. However, with 80% of new year’s resolutions predicted to fail by February most of us will fail to achieve our new year goals. So how can you be sure you implement and stick to your new year’s goals?

When it comes to paying off your debt, saving for a house or getting a job with a higher salary, it’s important to set realistic goals so you know you can achieve them. At PIWoP our easy-to-use price drop alert tool saves people money all year round. Here is our list of small, simple strategies to help you save money every week:


1. Bring your own lunch to work

Making your own lunch is one of those goals that many people talk about doing but tend to struggle with when it comes to following through. However, bringing a homemade lunch to work is one of our favourite ways to save money every single week.

When you think about the amount of money you spend on meal-deals every day, the pounds definitely start to add up. For example, a year’s worth of meal-deals is around £1,095 - a huge sum that could buy you a holiday. Even if you decide to bring your own lunch once a week, you will still be saving at least £5 a week.


2. Only use cash

We have become increasingly used to tapping away on our cards, which often leads to overspending. When it comes to trying to save money, personal finance experts have pointed to using physical cash as one of the best ways to save.

Next time you’re going to the shops, make a list of the things you need to buy and withdraw enough cash to cover that amount. Leave all of your cards at home and pay in cash. This way, if you’re tempted to buy any unnecessary extras, you won’t be able to spend more than what you budgeted for.


3. Automate your savings

If you’re not keen on using cash or hate the idea of a rigid budget, one of the best things you can do is to automate your savings. There are plenty of apps that will complete all of the budgeting for you and set aside money to put into your savings. Within no time, you will be putting money towards your saving goal without even realising it’s coming out of your account.

For more tips and tricks about how to save your money, check out all of our latest blogs, or if you haven’t already taken advantage of our price alert service yet, sign up here.

How to Save Your Money: Saving Money in the New Year!

Want to improve your finances in the new year? You aren’t alone! Financial resolutions are some of the most common; with people looking to get out of debt, save more money and clean up their spending habits.


However, just telling yourself to “stop spending” and “save more money” may not always work. Most new year’s resolutions are unsuccessful not through lack of trying but because people cannot stick to them! That’s why the money-saving experts at PIWoP - an easy-to-use price drop alert tool, have provided a list of small yet effective ways to save money in 2019:


1. Try to not spend a single penny one day a week.

You will be surprised at how much money you can save by choosing a single day per week to not spend money. For example, once a week make your own lunch for work, get creative with the food in your fridge and keep off ASOS. In the long run, you will see massive improvements in your spending habits and plus, you will have more money to spend on big treats like holidays and a new handbag.


2. Give up a daily habit.

Whether it’s popping into Starbucks for a latte or having a quick fag break at work, these small indulgences can add up in a year. For example, if you swapped an iced latte for a home alternative, you could save up to £767 a year - and quitting smoking could save you a total of £2,555!


3. Limit yourself to a weekly budget.

A great way to avoid overspending is to section off your salary into weekly cash limits each month. Withdraw your weekly allowance and put into envelopes - then give a family member or friend your debit card to hide!


4. Delete your credit cards from online shopping.

Before you do anything this year, remove all of your credit card information from your most used sites like Amazon. Then, the next time you go to make an impulsive purchase you will have to grab your credit card and hopefully, at that time, you have decided against buying.
For more tips and tricks about how to save your money, check out all of our latest blogs. Or if you haven’t already taken advantage of our price alert service yet, then sign up here.

How to Save Your Money: Store Secrets

Christmas is now officially less than a month away which means there are only 3 real weeks left in order to get all your Christmas shopping completed and place your gifts under the tree ready for the big day. However, as enjoyable as traipsing through busy city centres, drinking hot chocolate and gazing at Christmas lights are, you’ll probably find you’ll be ending the day financially worse than what you started.

You don’t always need a receipt

There’s nothing worse purchasing a gift, wrapping it up for the receiver to politely say they don’t like it. You’re then left racking your brains trying to think where you put that particular receipt. Although, all this stress could be avoided as many stores accept other forms of proof of purchase like bank statements etc. It is also down to the shop staff to have the ability to override a receipt.

Don’t forget about outlets

There is often a stigma surrounding designer outlets with the idea that they just sell the previous seasons unwanted stock. However, what many people don’t realise that many designers specifically create garments exclusively for their outlets. So, you never know you may be able to bag yourself a bespoke top-quality bargain!

Sign up to a price drop alert service

Whether you shop online shopping or prefer going into stores and like saving time as well as money, consider downloading a price drop alert service like PIWoP which can take care of all the bargain hunting for you! Simply create lists of items you’d like to know about if reduced and wait for notifications from us!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service, then register on our site! Use PIWoP to be notified when repeatedly purchased items (like laundry products from your local supermarket) are on offer and/or "one-off" items that you'd maybe purchase (like a dress or pair of shoes from a department store) but only if the were discounted below prices that you want to pay.

How to Save Your Money: Cut the Cost Online

When it comes to this time of year, shopping online seems like a cheaper, quicker and easier way to purchase your gifts. Although online shopping prevents impulse buys and allows you to cut the queues, you’re not always getting as large of a saving as what you think.

The experts at PIWoP, price drop alert service, are sharing our top money saving tips which help you slash your online spending.

Take advantage of search engines

If you know the exact product you’re searching for, we recommend searching for it on your favourite search engine. They then list all the relevant items related to your search. Make use of the filters present on the left-hand side and you can select your price and retailer in order to ensure that you find the cheapest deals.

Abandon your baskets

Some of the biggest retailers including ASOS and Tesco are well recognised for this trick. If you completely abandon your shopping basket for 24 hours, keep an eye on your inbox and you should receive a discount code to encourage you to purchase your shopping!

Let your app do the money saving for you

If you’re not keen on browsing search engines for hours on end or simply enjoy making your life that little bit easier, then you can sign up to a price drop alert service like PIWoP. By installing our PANDA browsing button, you simply populate a "Christmas'18" list, making sure everything you need is on there, then just wait for the notifications.


If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service, then register on our site! Now you can make sure you’re up to date with the latest price drops on items that matter to you. 70% of household purchases are repeated, so use PIWoP for mundane stuff too.

How to Save Your Money: Online Second-Hand Retailers

Everybody loves finding a bargain or that one sort after piece, especially on our favourite online second-hand retailers like DEPOP or eBay. However, what if we told you that there are certain tips and tricks that you can apply which can help you save even more money! This week, the experts at PIWoP, price alert service, are sharing our top money saving tips when it comes to second-hand spending.

Utilise your phone’s camera

If you often find yourself window shopping on a Saturday afternoon with friends and falling in love with items that are a little bit out of your price bracket, you can utilise your phone camera to see if there is a similar item on eBay.


Whenever you’re making a purchase, it’s massively important to do your research on the seller to make sure you’re not being scammed. One way to check their legitimacy is through reviews and feedback. You’re going to make sure they have a high score when it comes to selling their products.

Search on social media

Facebook groups are often a great place to search for second-hand goods. You’ll often come across people trying to get rid of things quick. If this is the case, try and haggle to get the item for even cheaper!


However, if you’re somebody who doesn’t have time to rummage for hours on end to find the perfect bargain, then you may want to consider signing up to a price drop alert service like PIWoP which takes care of all the bargain hunting for you! All you have to do is tell us, after installing our PANDA Browser Button, the items you’d like to be informed about if they are discounted and wait for the notification from us when they are!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service, then register on our site! Start looking for must-have discounts, and make sure you’re up to date with the latest price drops!

How to Save Your Money: Supermarket Savings

With the festive season only a few weeks away, ‘tis the season for family gatherings, catching up with old friends and of course, spending money. If you like to be the hostess with the mostess, then more often than not, around this time of year you begin to see dramatic increases on your shopping bill. This week, the experts at PIWoP, price alert service are sharing our top money saving tips when it comes to supermarket spending.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, although, if you set out to do your weekly shop when you’re hungry, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll purchase more food than what’s necessary, leaving you feeling out of pocket!


Set a budget, and stick to it

Supermarkets are specially designed to make consumers spend more with strategically placed discounts and spreading essential items far away from each other, thus making you walk past other tempting treats.

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, try making a list and sticking to it. Instead of having the mindset of ‘how many bargains can I get for my budget?’ switch to the mindset of ‘what can I afford in order to stay within my budget?’.


Sign up to a price drop alert service

If you’re somebody who prefers to do everything online, which includes your weekly food shop, then you may want to consider signing up to a price drop alert service like PIWoP which does all the money saving for you! All you need to do is tell us, after installing our PANDA Browser Button, the items you’d like to be informed about if they are discounted and wait for the notification from us when they are!


If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service, then register on our site! Start looking for must-have discounts, and make sure you’re up to date with the latest price drops!

How to Save Your Money: Our Top 3 Highstreet Secrets

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be spending left, right and centre. Therefore, you’re going to want to look to save those extra pennies where you can. You may have read our previous two blogs sharing our favourite Christmas money saving tips. This week, the experts at PIWoP, price alert service, are going to share with you our top 3 favourite high street secrets that can be used any time of year.

1. Discount codes in plain sight

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve fallen in love with an item, checked the tag and gasped at the price. More often than not, before a major store is about to hold a sale, staff often write numbers, letters and symbols on price tags. If you see this, hold off purchasing it as the price is likely to be reduced in the near future.

2. Leave items in your online shopping basket

Another handy trick to remember when you’re online shopping is to add one or two items to your basket, completely abandon them and close the window. Keep checking your email account and within the next day or so, you may have a 20% discount code in your inbox waiting for you.

3. Sign up to a price drop alert service

However, if you don’t fancy using the above secrets, simply sign up for a price drop alert service, like PIWoP, and be notified when an item becomes discounted! It really is that simple!

Trying to bag a bargain can be time-consuming! Set up a list with PIWoP for all your must-have items. All you have to do is set your budget and wait for the notifications!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service yet, then register on our site! Start looking for must-have discounts, and make sure you’re up to date with the latest price drops!

How to Save Your Money: 4 Steps to Healthy Spending Habits

For any spontaneous spenders, the idea of budgeting can ring alarm bells - after all, the thought of having money left over at the end of the month can seem unattainable.

If you’re planning to budget for a holiday or car, it doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the things you enjoy doing in a month; eating out, going for drinks etc. Instead, money-saving advice experts explain you have to be smart with your money.

At PIWoP - a revolutionary price drop alert tool, we know how important the value is of every pound that you save. That’s why we want to help you understand how to save your money and create healthier spending habits.

1. Start by keeping a spending log.

You may have heard this advice before, but it can be eye-opening if you complete it properly. For a month, keep track of all your purchases and you will soon see patterns in your spending and where you need to cut back.

2. Write down all sources of income.

When you have a list of your income and expenses in hand, you can determine your priorities. This is where you can begin your budgeting process. For example, there will be obvious spending priorities such as housing and other fixed costs. However, you can make changes to your spending habits with things like video subscription services or your daily coffee.

3. Note down your budget in pencil.

When you write down your budget in pencil it will remind you that the budget is a fluid document. As you live with it, you will probably need to make changes in the first few months - but that’s okay! Feel free to set aside a little bit of extra money each month, as it’s better to blow a budget of £20 than to impulse-spend £200.

4. Set a savings goal and make it something specific and important to you.

By setting a meaningful savings goal, it provides you with the motivation you will need to stay on track. Try writing your goals down and leave a reminder of them in your wallet or on your computer. However, be patient with yourself if you do get off track. Developing a new habit takes practice and so you may need to learn to love this new way of saving.

For more money saving tips and advice, take a look at our blogs.