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PIWoP’s Five Ways To Save Money Online

In times of political and financial uncertainty, we’re all looking to save more money where we can. And with more of us spending an increasing amount of time online, it makes sense that this is where we should try and save some of the pennies going astray. The team here at PIWoP, the only online price tracking website worth using, have put together this blog to show you tips and tricks to save more money online!

Use A Price Comparison Website

If you’re not using price comparison sites by now, then you should be. There’s a price comparison site or tool for virtually every product, service and industry, and it’s remarkable just how much money you can save by taking the time to do a little research. Most price comparison websites also have a huge range of filters you can apply, so that you can find the deal that’s right for you as opposed to just the cheapest option that may not have everything need.

Use A Price Tracking Website Like PIWoP

Price tracking websites are fantastic digital inventions. What are they? Well, say there’s an item of clothing that you’ve been desperately wanting for months, but that’s agonisingly out of budget. With PIWoP, you can place a price drop alert on said item so that you’re notified if ever it falls within your budget. This means you can put it to the back of your mind, and more often than not, get the item you want so long as you’re patient about it!

Look At Unnecessary Direct Debits/Monthly Subscriptions

Many of us are haemorrhaging money each month because we simply never get around to cancelling monthly subscriptions or direct debits that we no longer use. One of the best money-saving tips we can give you is to stop losing money with these subscriptions. There are times when spending is unavoidable, this is not one of those times!

Don’t Be Afraid To Call Up And Haggle For A Better Deal

When it comes to things like mobile phone deals, you can always bag yourself a better deal if you actually ask for one. How does the old saying go, if you don’t ask, you don’t get? Your steps should be as follows: shop around online to find the best mobile service provider and their electronic deals, then ring them up and see what they can do. Many people miss out on this purely because they don’t have the hutzpah to ask – don’t be one of those who miss out!

Make The Most Of Coupons And Deals

There are countless bloggers out there who specialise in finding the best coupons and deals around. These extreme couponers find deals in the most unusual of places, and we sometimes wonder how exactly they manage to find them – it’s quite the skill! Regardless, their advice is worth heeding if you want to save some money.

If you’d like to find out more about PIWoP’s price drop alert service, then visit our website now and start saving money today!

Low Price Watches: Keeping Time Whilst Keeping A Budget

We all need to know the time; it goes without saying. Despite technology’s best efforts to make redundant the humble timepiece, watches are as fashionable and trendy as ever. It can be a minefield online when looking for low price watches; knowing where to find the best discount products whilst retaining quality is one of the biggest challenges that the savvy shopper faces. Fortunately, there are means and ways of getting a top-quality watch for a price that you wouldn’t believe, if only you go about it the right way.

Consider A Digital Watch For Better Electronic Deals

The analogue watch has punched well above its weight over the past few decades, especially given the technological onslaught it has faced, and manages to remain remarkably popular, even today. However, the computing power that can now be implemented into digital and smart watches is truly staggering. As a result, these electronic watches may be the option to opt for.

Electronic products tend to face steeper discounts than traditional analogue products, purely due to the nature in which anything digital becomes outdated quicker. But that is no reason not to go for them as they’re outdated only to those who work in the industry whose job it is to constantly upgrade, even if those upgrades are relatively minute.

Black Friday is now very much upon us, and whilst the savage nature it seems to bring out in some shoppers leaves a lot to be desired, the deals you can get, particularly electronic deals, are incredibly appealing. Budgeting by when the biggest sales are likely to occur is a good way of making sure you get the watch you want.

Use A Price Drop Alert Tool

If there’s a certain watch that you love the look of, but that’s tantalisingly beyond your budget, then fear not. Using a price alert service such as PIWoP (price I want to pay) is a simple and effective way of passively monitoring a product you like the look of but that might currently be out of your price range. You’ll get alerted if (and usually when) it drops to within your budget and that’s that!

With a new decade approaching and our lives busier than ever, keeping track of time has never been as important; getting the right watch for you doesn’t have to be a fantasy nor a chore thanks to PIWoP. If you’d like more information about our price drop alert tool, visit our ‘How It Works’ page or get in touch with our team today

How to manage your finances with a price tracker app

Have you ever had that unfortunate situation where you go to buy something, and it has gone up in price? You wouldn’t be alone! PIWoP is a revolutionary price tracker app available either in your browser and/or as an App.

So, what if there was a way you could check the prices of products from your favourite retailers and receive alerts when they were reduced? Now you can with PIWoP, a revolutionary price tracker app available as a browser extension and app.

What is PIWoP?

PIWoP automatically alerts you on price drops of items you want, but not price rises. However, if you have PIWoPed certain items you can easily check their current prices manually by clicking on said items in your "My PIWoPs" lists.

Whether you are interested in cheap appliances or electronic deals, you can monitor sales from companies as wide as John Lewis to Argos. There surely is something for everyone! Not only this but managing your finances has never been easier. Budgeting is a task that can be complicated and confusing, even for the most intelligent people! However, it’s helpful to know that you can get price drop alerts using PIWoP to help you save money on the products you love.

Below are some more important ways in which our price tracker app can help organise your finances.

Manage your budget ahead of special occasions.

It goes without doubt that a good price checker app can help organise and prepare your finances for all of those special occasions - whether that be a special birthday or Valentine's Day. After all, no one wants to blow their cash on a single gift. Instead, why not take advantage of being able to budget for that special someone with PiWoP’s price drop alert tool!

Save time and energy when things go wrong.

If you find yourself in a situation where one of your appliances broke suddenly, you may not have enough time in the day to search for the best deals on a new one. Therefore, you should utilise our price alert service which does all this for you! Without the need to look up the drop of prices in the latest low price TV or low price tablet, you can relax knowing you will be getting the best deals on the market. This means that you will have more time and money to spend on the things you actually - not vacuum cleaners or washing machines.

Get low prices no matter where you are.

Wherever you are in the world, PIWoP allows you to be updated on low price shopping deals. Our app checks the price of your chosen items every 6 hours and alerts you once it's lower than the price you want to pay! That way, you purchase that sofa you have been waiting months for at the click of a button. This enables you to save money in the run up to buying your wishlist.

For more information about our price drop alert tool, visit our ‘How It Works’ page.