Save money, save Pandas

Organising a Halloween party on a budget.

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year. Halloween is right around the corner and for many, that means a party! But organising doesn’t come cheap. According to The Metro, the UK spends a whopping £320 million on Halloween annually.

Spending money on Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. With this in mind, PIWoP, low price shopping experts, reveals how you can organise a Halloween party on a budget.

Hold a costume competition.
If there's one way to keep the cost down and still have fun, it’s a costume competition! Halloween is all about dressing up and DIY costumes are a great way to cut the cost. You could even make or buy cheap prizes to give away to wearers of the best and worst costumes of the night.

Keep it simple.
There’s a tendency to overspend, especially when there’s a party to organise! But whilst many of us are quick to go wild on decorations, one way to save money is to just keep it simple. A simple colour scheme can work wonders for setting the mood. Choosing an orange and black decor can give your party the spooky feel it needs, without breaking the bank.

Use a price tracking tool.
Price tracking websites aren’t just amazing for your regular purchases. They’re also handy for party planning too! Whether it’s a creepy costume or pumpkin decoration kits, price tracking tools are great for tracking the price of the item you want, across a variety of well-known retailers.

Here at PIWoP, we provide a price tracker app that scours the web every six hours until your item reaches a lower price. Once it’s reached how much you want to pay, it sends an alert straight to you, so you can save wisely.

If you would like more information about our price alert tool, visit our ‘How It Works’ page or download the app today!

How To Save Money… In Time For Christmas

We know it’s only September, but Christmas will be upon us in no time and the sooner you organise your finances the better. As much as we love mince pies and Michael Bublé on repeat, Christmas is the most stressful and expensive time of year for families. It was revealed by the Bank of England that households in the UK spend over £2,000 each month but around December, they spend an extra £500.

This doesn’t come as a surprise given the increased amount of time spent going out, eating food and drinking alcohol. Then there is also the money we spend on buying gifts for our friends and family. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. PIWoP, low price shopping experts, reveals three ways you can save money just in time for Christmas.

Use Loyalty Cards

We use our loyalty cards all year round but are quick to forget them when Christmas comes around. Whether it’s a Boots Advantage card or a Tesco Club card, make sure to save up your points all year. That way, you will have a decent amount to spend when you begin your Christmas shopping.

Voucher Codes

Christmas is the time of year for endless socialising with family and friends. Unfortunately, that also means continuously reaching for your purse until it's practically empty. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to score a few voucher codes to help save you money on dinner and gift items to ensure you are well prepared for the upcoming festivities.

Start Shopping Now

It might seem early to start shopping for gifts in September but making those all-important purchases between now and the actual Christmas shopping season will ensure you keep on top of your finances. When it comes to finding a price you want to pay, why not try a price tracking app like PIWoP?

By using a price drop alert service, you will be able to track the price of the item you want. Once it reaches a price you want to pay, you will then receive an alert from us to purchase your item from the retailer.

At PIWoP, we provide an expert price tracking tool to ensure you always pay the price you want. From electronics and makeup to clothes and toys, our price drop alert tool will help you save money just in time for Christmas. If you would like more information about our price drop app, visit our How It Works page or get in touch with our team today.

How To Save Money on Your Wedding

In the UK, weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. According to MoneySavingExpert, the average wedding is estimated to cost a heartbreaking £30,000. While it can be difficult to save money and stick to a budget when planning your special day, there are ways you can cut back on your spending.

With this in mind, PIWoP, low price shopping experts, reveals how you can say ‘I Do’ to saving money on your wedding day.

Something Old

When it comes to engagement rings, most people are expected to spend at least three months salary. However, family heirlooms can be much more meaningful than a new ring. If your considering proposing to your significant other, or starting to look at engagement rings, why not ask family members if they have ones tucked away for the special occasion.

Something Borrowed

For catering, suits and even cakes, there are a million possibilities to save money. For suits, you can reuse one from a previous event to cut down the overall cost. Instead of paying over the odds for the venue to cater your guests, why not outsource to a catering company to create a menu that fits your budget. You can even ask a talented family member to help create the wedding cake of your dreams; without the hefty price tag.

Something New

There are some things that simply can’t be borrowed. When it comes to making those important wedding purchases, it’s vital not to overspend. That’s why PIWoP have provided an effective price tracking tool to help you plan your big day. By using our price alert tool, you and your partner will be able to track the price of your coveted wedding items and receive alerts once they have reached a price you want to pay.

When it comes to your special day, our price drop alert tool is the best way to track the price of wedding dresses, favours, shoes and suits. If you would like more information about our price drop app, visit our How It Works page or get in touch with our team today.