Save money, save Pandas

How to Save Your Money: Millennial Money Saving Tips

It’s a given that millennials do not have much money and yet as a generation, they are always told they need to save more money. Whether it’s student debts or the high cost of renting, generation Y are faced with the prospect of actually being worse off than their parents and grandparents. So how exactly can you make your money last until the end of the month while building up your savings?

The experts here at PIWoP - the brains behind the money saving, price drop alert tool, have put together list of tips for saving money as a millennial.


1. Find the right student credit card.

Unfortunately, a number of students make the mistake of waiting until after university to get their first credit card. As a result, when you try to apply for a mortgage or apartment, you have no credit score to back you up. Don’t be afraid to get a credit card while you’re at university. There are a number of credit card companies who make cards just for students so you cannot overspend and get into debt but still build a credit rating.

2. Get rid of some of your subscriptions.

From Netflix to beauty subscription boxes, the cost of monthly subscriptions can definitely add up! While they may only charge £10 a month, you can easily forget about the things you have signed up for, meaning these companies are getting your money for nothing. If you’re not using the subscription regularly, make sure you cancel it and put the money you would have spent in your savings.

3. Download a budgeting app.

You have probably heard it time and time again: “you need to set a budget” or “write up a list of all your outgoings!” Both phrases of which, are nearly just as annoying as “you need to think about your future.” However, making a budget isn’t the hard part, it’s sticking to one. There are a number of apps for budgeting and money saving which you can try - or if you want to keep it old-fashioned, try creating an Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to save money on your essential buys this month, why not utilise PIWoP’s price alert service, which helps you to track the price of the items you want to buy until they reach a price you’re happy to pay.

To find out more information about how you can save with PIWoP’s price tracking website, click here.


Christmas Money Saving Tips Part 2

Christmas; a time spent with family and friends laughing and reminiscing over memories that have been made over the last 11 months. Although, as lovely as it is, it can quickly turn into a retail ‘free for all’ as you feel the pressure to buy gifts for extended family, colleagues and that one friend that you haven’t seen in 6 months.

Fear not! This week the money saving experts at PIWoP - providers of a revolutionary price drop alert service is back with even more money saving tips on how to save your pennies during the festive period:

Sell your old gifts

We’ve all been given that one festive jumper that we’re not particularly fond of and still has the tags in. If you’re looking for a few extra pennies, sort through the gifts you received last year and if you haven’t used them, sell them! It really is that simple!

Thinking ahead

Who says that Christmas shopping needs to be a last minute event? If you really want to minimise the damage on your bank account, keep your eyes peeled for bargains all year round. If you know who you need to buy for, keep them in mind when you’re browsing the shops. You’re more likely to find a greater discount in the Summer compared with Christmas.

Make a list

Impulsively purchasing gifts around the Christmas period can be detrimental to your bank account. If you’re looking to save your money, make a list of the gifts you need to buy. This way, you’re more likely to stay within your budget and beat those pesky spending impulses!

Trying to bag a bargain can be time-consuming! Why not set up a list with PIWoP before the festive period begins for all your must-have items. All you have to do is set your budget and wait for the notification!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service yet, then register here. Start looking early for your Christmas gifts, and make sure you’re up to date with the latest price drops!


How To Save Your Money: ‘Back To School’ Clothes

The ‘Back to School’ rush is the ultimate nightmare for parents across the country. From pencil cases to a completely new school uniform, it can definitely add up very quickly - especially if you’re not keeping an eye on your purse.

Fortunately, the money saving experts at PIWoP - founders of revolutionary a price drop alert tool, have put together this guide of money saving advice for buying back to school supplies.

1. Start At Home

Before you head out to the shops, try looking around the home - especially in your child’s wardrobe and drawers. Pull out all of the school clothing they already have and get them to try it on. You may find that there are a few stainless shirts and trousers that aren’t too short yet in there, so these won’t need repurchasing. However, their school shoes may be completely worn out and you need to buy them again.

As you clear out their wardrobe, make a clothing list of what you need, including the sizes, so you know what to buy when you shop. There is nothing worse than picking up a skirt or trousers and then you find out it’s the wrong size the morning of your kid’s first day back!

2. Clothes Swap

In an effort to save your money, why not organise a clothes swap with a group of your friends? Our money-saving experts recommend organising a meetup with parents from the school and ask each person to bring school uniform that no longer fits their children.

You will inevitably find what doesn’t fit your friend’s child now going into year 5 will fit yours in year 3. Swapping clothes not only helps you get rid of the clothing that doesn’t fit your kids but you can go home with a school uniform that does.

3. Look Out for The Sales

When it comes to buying brand new school uniforms, children’s shoes can be a huge expense. We recommend looking for discounted shoes in the sales. As we’re heading into the autumn season, there will be plenty of sales in shoe stores like Clarks and Schuh. You can also find discount shoes online where you can sign up to mailing lists to receive offers and codes for extra money off.

For more money saving tips and advice, take a look at our blogs. Or if you haven’t already, try our price drop alert tool. You will be able to enter the price you are willing to pay for an item into our tool and find the lowest price on all the back to school supplies you need as our price tracker app notifies you as soon as that item reaches your desired price points or below!