They say that dog is man’s best friend but how much are people willing to spend on their pooch? Well, according to a 2018 report by MORE TH>N, dog owners spend an average of £240 on their animal best friends each month. That’s a grand total of £2,880 spent on food, treats, grooming, pet insurance and more each year!

While the cost of owning a dog is well-documented online, there are still a large number of dog owners (58%) who failed to research the associated costs when buying a dog. In particular, people severely underestimated the cost of vet bills, meaning they were in for a nasty surprise when their dog needed treatment.

It is clear that having a dog is a huge investment. However, there is no shame in admitting you would like to spend a little less money on your pooch, if it still gets the care required. The experts here at PIWoP have shared their top money saving tips for cutting back on the cost of pet essentials.

Make dog toys and bedding yourself

A pet shop may seem like the best place to buy new toys and bedding for your puppy, but what if we told you everything you needed was already at your house? With the rate at which a dog destroys its toys, you will save yourself tons of cash by creating DIY dog toys from old t-shirts, plastic bottles or bed sheets. You can even make a dog bed by stuffing old pillowcases and sewing them together.

Buy in bulk

Food and treats are one of the most expensive costs (after vet bills) associated with owning a dog. In order to cut down on the cost of pet food, why not looking into buying in bulk. Online stores like Pet Supermarket and Monster Pet Supplies allow you to purchase your favourite dog food brands in large quantities but at discounted prices to pet shops.

Take a dog grooming course

Regular professional dog grooming costs can certainly stack up so we recommend at home grooming. You will find that you can purchase the same shampoos and brushes that a groomer will use online. However, if you don’t feel confident in your ability to trim your dog’s coat, why not take an online dog grooming course so you know exactly what to do!

Keep an eye on your dog’s health

It goes without saying that vet bills are extremely expensive so it’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy. You can do this by providing them with daily exercise and nutritional food, as well as health supplements if needed. By keeping your dog as healthy as possible, you can avoid any unnecessary trips to the vets. However, make sure you are regularly checking for any abnormalities or changes in your dog’s behaviour. The earlier you spot signs of illness, the cheaper the vet bills!

Shop online for discounts and deals.

Finally, it’s important to be a smart shopper if you want to save money on pet care essentials. Make sure you are looking for the best deals and discounts on products by shopping around. You will find that pet shops are often the most expensive place to buy pet accessories so we recommend checking places like department stores and discount shops. However, if you cannot find the product at a price you like in store, why not check out online stores like Amazon and eBay.

Here at PIWoP, we have developed a revolutionary price drop alert tool, allowing you to track the price of the products you want until they reach the price you would like to pay. It’s quick and easy to register and start using our price tracker app on both mobile and Internet browser. For more information about our price alert service, why not visit our ‘How it Works’ page!