Price I Want to Pay or ‘PIWoP’ is proud to announce it has entered Beta phase testing. Currently available by invitation only, PIWoP is set to go live to all users mid 2017. The service enables shoppers browsing their favourite online retailers to mark (or ‘PIWoP’) items and set the price they would like to pay for them if they ever went on reduction. PIWoP then monitors that item and if it is subsequently reduced below the amount set, the system sends a notification to the user so they can bag a bargain!

It’s a completely ‘Fire and Forget’ model, with no need to keep checking back or resetting values, you just get on with your life whilst PIWoP’s Bamboo engine monitors all your PIWoP’s for you.

When PIWoP goes on general release it promises to disrupt online buying habits with its unique service which costs less than 67p a month, a fraction of what users will save.

PIWoP buttons for most major browsers are currently under test and Apps for iOS and Android follow shortly.