With the excitement of Fresher’s Week over and done with, it’s time to settle into proper uni life - stumbling to 9 am lectures with a banging hangover and eating baked beans with rice for dinner because you spent all your student loan on alcohol!


Managing your budget while at university isn’t easy, but there are a number of ways you can keep your costs down. Just read what the experts at PIWoP - creators of a new price alert service had to say about saving your money at university:


1. Stay on track with your spending

It may not be the most exciting of jobs, but keeping track of your finances is the best way to make sure you don’t overspend and find yourself calling your parents for extra money.

Start by creating a spreadsheet that shows all of the income you currently receive. This could include your student loan, any scholarships or bursaries, parent funds and part-time job wages. Then you can note down your regular outgoings for the month such as your rent and mobile phone contract. This way, you can see how much you have available to spend each month.

Once you know how much spare you have each month, you can set aside money for things you buy monthly i.e. going out, clothes, food shopping.


2. Find deals and offers on your essentials with a price drop alert tool

When it comes to purchasing course textbooks and a new laptop, don’t always buy the first thing you see. You can save yourself some money by shopping around for the best deals on electronics and study materials. This is what money saving tips blogger, I Beat Debt had to say about using our price drop alert tool:

“Anyone who has visited my blog before will know that I love saving money! The advance of online shopping and the competition between retailers can be a good thing, but also it can mean that it can be harder to find a bargain if all the retailers are charging the same price. I am therefore really excited to tell you about a new way of saving money – and it’s free to join up!”

Read more about what she had to say here!


3. Get smart with your food shopping

You will find that food will be one of your biggest costs while at university, so it’s worth finding ways to reduce your bill. For example, why not buy supermarket value products rather than well-known brands to save yourself a few pennies! Or how about leaving your food shopping until the end of the day where you can pick up some discount items.

To find out more about how to save your money, check out all of our latest blogs. And if you haven’t already taken advantage of our price alert service yet, then register here. You can find all the best deals on electronics such as laptops and printers as well as the latest price drops on your student essentials with our price tracker app today.