Christmas is now officially less than a month away which means there are only 3 real weeks left in order to get all your Christmas shopping completed and place your gifts under the tree ready for the big day. However, as enjoyable as traipsing through busy city centres, drinking hot chocolate and gazing at Christmas lights are, you’ll probably find you’ll be ending the day financially worse than what you started.

You don’t always need a receipt

There’s nothing worse purchasing a gift, wrapping it up for the receiver to politely say they don’t like it. You’re then left racking your brains trying to think where you put that particular receipt. Although, all this stress could be avoided as many stores accept other forms of proof of purchase like bank statements etc. It is also down to the shop staff to have the ability to override a receipt.

Don’t forget about outlets

There is often a stigma surrounding designer outlets with the idea that they just sell the previous seasons unwanted stock. However, what many people don’t realise that many designers specifically create garments exclusively for their outlets. So, you never know you may be able to bag yourself a bespoke top-quality bargain!

Sign up to a price drop alert service

Whether you shop online shopping or prefer going into stores and like saving time as well as money, consider downloading a price drop alert service like PIWoP which can take care of all the bargain hunting for you! Simply create lists of items you’d like to know about if reduced and wait for notifications from us!

If you haven’t already taken advantage of our price drop alert service, then register on our site! Use PIWoP to be notified when repeatedly purchased items (like laundry products from your local supermarket) are on offer and/or "one-off" items that you'd maybe purchase (like a dress or pair of shoes from a department store) but only if the were discounted below prices that you want to pay.