Moving into a new home is one thing but purchasing furniture is another huge expense to add to your never-ending list. How often are you trawling through homeware shops and stumble upon a sofa you love the look of - only to check the price tag and its way out of your budget? Whether you’re looking to completely redecorate your home, or need to make an unexpected purchase, the team at PIWoP - the brains behind a revolutionary price drop alert tool helping users save money on everything from electronics to clothing, can help.

The money-saving experts here at PIWoP have put together a list of money saving tips for you to use when purchasing new furniture for your home.


1. Ask for a better deal.

When you go into a store for a certain item, make sure you are armed with prices from their competitors - particularly from online. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal and stick to your guns. If you’re a loyal customer of the store, you may be able to negotiate a good discount off the price or some small perks such as free delivery.


2. Visit charity shops and second-hand stores.

For quality furniture at low prices, try looking in charity shops and second-hand dealerships first. In recent years, vintage classics such as antique brown chairs and cabinets have come back into style. By shopping at charity shops, you could find stylish vintage trends at a fraction of the price.


3. Don’t buy straight away.

You may be wondering around the store and find a wardrobe that fits perfectly with your bedroom but the price is way beyond your budget. We recommend taking down all of the details including its make, model name, dimensions and price - then get online. You will be shocked at how much prices vary between retailers so you could be in luck and score yourself the wardrobe you love at a fraction of the price.


If you want to save an extra bit of cash, why not utilise PIWoP’s price alert service, which helps you to track the price of the items you want to buy until they reach a price you’re happy to pay.

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