Being into electronics, gadgets and all things tech can be an expensive hobby. The more powerful our devices are, the more manufacturers are able to sell them for. As many of us are too impatient to wait for the new releases to come down in price, we can often get carried away with spending large chunks of our budget on electronics.

To help you get the best deals on electronics, the team at PIWoP have put together a list of money saving tips that you can use to cut back on your electrical spending.


1. Don’t replace perfectly usable goods.

We’re constantly wanting to have the newest device in our hands with updated hardware and software, but the truth is, we tend to waste money on new tech that we simply don’t need. Understandably we don’t want to get left behind, but if your device is still working in perfectly good order, perhaps it’s a good idea to take a second look and ask yourself whether you actually need something new.

Sure, updates and new looks are always going to tempt you into making the jump, but if you do the simple calculations and consider whether the difference in price is worth it, you might be shocked to know how much you’re wasting.


2. Be patient and buy at the right time.

Black Friday, Christmas sales and new year sales; all famous for having big discounts, mainly on electronics. If you’re planning to buy a new piece of tech that features heavily across a number of online stores, take the time to work out if there are any seasonal holidays approaching which might lead to a drop in price.

For example, games console manufacturers will often create bundle deals with the release of a new game. Here’s where you’ll find the best deals on electronics as there’s a push to reach high levels of sales.


3. Keep the accessories cheap.

From cables to phone cases, the costs outside of the electronic itself can soon mount up and with so many options out there, it can be confusing when deciding which product to buy… don’t worry, you can keep it cheap! All HDMI cables, chargers and phone cases effectively do the same job so there’s really no need to spend two times the amount on a competitor.

Find those with the best reviews and save money, knowing that you’re buying a solid product.

For more information on receiving the best deals on electronics, be sure to check out our price drop alert tool.