Whether it’s paying for energy bills or buying new appliances when they break, the cost of running a home is huge. Therefore, saving money for the things you actually want, such as holidays or a new car, can be difficult.

To help you save money on your home, the team at PIWoP - the developers behind a useful price tracking tool, have listed five simple ways you can reduce the cost of running your house.

Renegotiate your rent

Recent reports have shown that renting a home in the UK is rising on average by 3.8% month by month. So how do you save your money when you experience a rent increase? A great way is to think about how you can find the best deals when renting out a property. Why not set your finances straight and see how far your rent is going in your home by researching your property’s value. If you are open to compromise on losing some things, you can renegotiate your price and save money in the long run.

Reduce screen time

One useful way to save money is to reduce your time in front of your TV screen. It is easy for your electricity bill to increase even more with TV and film subscriptions. Try an alternative such as getting active or spending quality time with family.

Shop homeware at the right time

Whether it’s a low price tv or home electronics, you can be smart in the way that you do your home shopping. By using a price tracking website such as PIWoP, you can even get notified when your favourite appliances are at their lowest price! It is also known that after Christmas is an especially great time to get electronic in the sale.

Make a household budget

It is true that having your own house and keeping it running is expensive. A real tip is to plan your weekly home budget. For example, you may want to put money aside for the essentials and use shopping deals to save your pennies. It’s a great idea to find products at their lowest price and make this a regular investment.

Use cash back reward cards

Would you like to receive cash by spending each month? To make this happen, you can sign up to a cash back rewards card so you gain money rather than points. There is a possibility that you could earn hundreds of pounds a year! It is then easier for you to cut back on how much money you spend at home with this extra money.

PIWoP works on many house rental sites. Set the rent you can afford for favoured properties and if the rent is reduced below your "PIWoP" you'll get notified! If you would like to use a price alert service to help you save money at your home, then find out more about PiWop’s price tracker app at https://piwop.com/