In the UK, weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. According to MoneySavingExpert, the average wedding is estimated to cost a heartbreaking £30,000. While it can be difficult to save money and stick to a budget when planning your special day, there are ways you can cut back on your spending.

With this in mind, PIWoP, low price shopping experts, reveals how you can say ‘I Do’ to saving money on your wedding day.

Something Old

When it comes to engagement rings, most people are expected to spend at least three months salary. However, family heirlooms can be much more meaningful than a new ring. If your considering proposing to your significant other, or starting to look at engagement rings, why not ask family members if they have ones tucked away for the special occasion.

Something Borrowed

For catering, suits and even cakes, there are a million possibilities to save money. For suits, you can reuse one from a previous event to cut down the overall cost. Instead of paying over the odds for the venue to cater your guests, why not outsource to a catering company to create a menu that fits your budget. You can even ask a talented family member to help create the wedding cake of your dreams; without the hefty price tag.

Something New

There are some things that simply can’t be borrowed. When it comes to making those important wedding purchases, it’s vital not to overspend. That’s why PIWoP have provided an effective price tracking tool to help you plan your big day. By using our price alert tool, you and your partner will be able to track the price of your coveted wedding items and receive alerts once they have reached a price you want to pay.

When it comes to your special day, our price drop alert tool is the best way to track the price of wedding dresses, favours, shoes and suits. If you would like more information about our price drop app, visit our How It Works page or get in touch with our team today.