Summer is slowing creeping up on us and people are starting to book their holidays. Along with this usually comes the desire for a new wardrobe. It’s 2018 and everyone wants to look Instagram ready in the finest summer clothes and accessories. However, with women spending on average of £245 on holiday clothes alone, many are seeking money saving advice.

One excellent use for PIWoP is to use it as a shopping deals app. Found the perfect beach bag or pair of sunglasses but can’t justify paying full price for them? Simply enter the details into the tool along with the amount you’d like to pay and we’ll send you a notification when it meets or falls below the price you specified!

We have a few other handy money saving tips when it comes to holiday shopping and making the most of those few summer essentials.

Buy a few versatile pieces

So you’ve found a pair of sandals or a dress that you can’t do without and you’ve spent a little more than usual on them. Save money elsewhere by choosing affordable accessories to dress them up or down. Rather than overspending and buying a different outfit for every day, save money for the holiday itself.

Think about what you need

If you’re going on an adventure holiday and as a result will only need a couple of evening outfits, don’t be tempted to fill your suitcase for the sake of it. If you’re going to be lying by the pool every day, how many handbags do you really need? Thinking about what’s essential is a quick and easy money saving tip as it helps people to identify where they are spending unnecessarily.

Find the shopping deals yourself

Using a shopping deals app like PIWoP will allow you to find discounted clothes as soon as they go down in price. You no longer have to wait for emails about sales or browse the stores, instead, we’ll notify you when the item you are looking for meets the price you’re willing to pay for it!

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