After the harsh reality of emptying their bank account for the pleasures of higher education, the last thing the average uni student wants to think about is spending more of their precious cash. However, whether they like it or not, more spending will definitely come their way. Whatever the reason, it’s important for students to learn how to save their money.

Money management is crucial for students as they’re in a position to spend rather more lavishly than they might be used to. Plus, spending habits can be difficult to control when enjoying the freedom university provides. On top of this, it can be beneficial for a student to learn how to control their savings earlier rather than later, so they’re further prepared for later life. In fact, a whopping 70% of students wish they’d had a better financial education in preparation for university, and 78% worry about making ends meet. Claiming they hardly have enough money to eat or drink, let alone do anything else!

But all is not lost! PIWoP can provide the struggling student with a few simple tips in helping them save their much needed cash!

Take advantage of student discounts

There are student discounts for almost everything you could imagine. Whether you’re looking for savings on food, clothes, health and beauty products, entertainment, technology, subscriptions, school supplies and even travel, a simple flash of your student card can help make all the difference.

Although virtually all those with access to a student card make sure to get a little money off their bus ticket in the mornings, and then perhaps save a little on lunch, the truth is that most don’t fully realise how much money they could be saving. Make sure to do your research online of what discounts your card will offer - and if you’re ever unsure of what you’re entitled to, there’s no harm in asking at the till. You might even be surprised!

Learn to Cook

A huge money waster is unnecessary spending on food. This can be hard to hear for some people, and they will undoubtedly respond with ‘I need to eat!’, but the difference in cost between multiple take-aways, meals out or even shop-bought ready meals and a variety of ingredients ready to be made into many tasty dishes, is simply staggering.

Learning a few simple recipes that are cheap to make and satisfying to eat is an easy and achievable goal. The money you save will be immediately noticeable and incredibly satisfying.

Use a price-tracking tool!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something you don’t need, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with buying something you don’t need. There is something wrong, however, with over-spending on something you don’t need… or do need, for that matter. University is full of extra expenses; some compulsory, and some entirely personal, but you should never spend a penny more than the fairest price, and PIWoP’s price-tracking tool is the answer to this problem.

By using a price drop alert tool, you can keep track of the price of any items you want to buy. You will receive a price drop alert when it has dropped to a price you want to pay and from there you can purchase it. At PIWoP, our low price shopping experts provide a unique price alert service that tracks the price of the item you want. Our price tracker app scours the web every six hours until it finds the price you want to pay.

If you would like more information about PIWoP, get in touch with our team or visit our How It Works page today!