It’s human nature to want to feel confident and look good to others, and with designer brands as we know them today dating back to the early 19th century, we’ve had that desire for 'design' for a long time. The problem with designer wear, however, is that it’s usually incredibly expensive. Even once the item of clothing is ‘out of season’ it will still most likely be beyond the realms of the layperson’s budget. Fortunately, with the advent of online outlet stores, heavy discounts are now available on various big brands of designer clothing. Using price tracking tools like PIWoP to find yourself the best discounts on designer clothing will get you the clothes you want at the cheapest, possible price

Which Clothing Brands Have The Best Resell Value?

There are certainly some pieces of designer clothing that resell at a higher value than others. It is worth using price tracking tools on these brands to find the best possible deal. Then, later on, you can resell it at a higher price knowing that not everyone will be so savvy as to use a price tracking tool! Gucci, Fendi, Nike and Off-White are particularly good investments to make!

The Second-hand Clothing Market Is Bigger Than Ever

There has never been a better time to use price tracking tools when shopping for clothes. In fact, the resale sector has grown 51 times more in value than the new clothing market over the past three years! This trend has primarily been driven by millennials and Gen-Zers looking to access the vintage market. More companies and retailers are realising the opportunities in selling second-hand clothing so discounts are only going to become more frequent as time goes on. It’s for this reason that you should be making the most of price tracking tools such as PIWoP and getting the designer clothes you’ve always wanted!

Sustainability Is Growing In Fashion

There’s a huge shift in consumers wanting to see more sustainably sourced clothing. Whether that be more ethically minded retailers or, as is more often the case, buying second-hand clothing and simply giving it a second life. One of the three R’s, after all, is Reuse. This is another reason you should look to shop for second-hand clothes as you can sleep with a cleaner conscience knowing you’re doing your bit against fast fashion. Using price tracking tools means you’ll not only get clothes for cheaper, but with the resale market only going to increase, you can now see it as an investment to sell on in the future! Because it will sell.

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