Are you rejoicing at the thought of the BBQ season already? Can you smell the burgers grilling from the distant horizon? As we head into the last stretch of winter, it is the perfect time to begin sourcing the best cooking equipment and BBQ gadgets your money can buy. However, if you can’t afford to splash out on the finest marble placemats or rose gold cutlery, why not try a handy price drop alert tool like PIWOP?

PIWOP is a new price tracker app, which allows you to secure yourself the prices when online shopping. Our price alert service allows you to set reminders on specific products you want. Then, when the product drops to your desired price, you can snap up those premium barbecue tongs for a fraction of the original price.

Below the money-saving experts at PIWOP have discussed benefits of using our price tracking tool to snap up a great deal:

The Best Food Is Ready When The Time Is Right

You may be feeling a bit hungry when cooking, and it pains you to see your delicious burgers sitting on the grill just sizzling there. You may be thinking: why can’t I just eat it now? Unfortunately for those of us who are impatient, it’s important to remember that good things come to those who wait. A slow-cooked dish can be rewarding, releasing the flavours and tenderising meat over a long period of time. The result makes it well worth your while when you finally bite into your dish. Just like cooking, you have to be patient and wait for the right price to crop up on a price drop alert tool. Then strike while it’s hot!

Exploring New Techniques Is A Great Journey

Have you always wanted to try out some fancy new cooking techniques, but it requires specific equipment? Something like a rice cooker or air fryer can be a bit daunting to buy - especially if you’re unsure if you will ever use them again. By purchasing these gadgets at the price you want to pay, you won’t be worried to experiment with new technology in your daily cooking routines. Your newfound cooking freedom awaits! Explore new avenues in your kitchen and create beautiful new meals for those around you with your new cooking equipment.

Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Prices

Using the same produce over and over again can get extremely boring! After all, without a variety of ingredients, you will struggle to keep your weekly meals interesting and your family satisfied. By using a price drop alert tool like PIWoP to keep an eye on the prices of special ingredients, such as octopus or oysters, you will be able to keep your dishes fresh and exciting for all those in your household.

If you want to learn more about how you can use a price drop alert tool to assemble your perfect meal or purchase kitchen gadgets, get in contact with the team today.