Below you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our visitors. If you need further help please contact us here or by clicking the ‘FEEDBACK’ link in the site footer.

Please allow a little time for one of the team to come back to you, with all the excitement about PIWoP it's Panda-monium in there…

A product I'm PIWoPing gives a price in the PIWoP panel without a decimal point eg "£9999" instead of £99.99.
Some websites have a graphical decimal point (.) So on this type of site when you enter your PIWoP price, don't put one in. For instance, if your PIWoP price is £89.99 used '£8999'.
What is a PANDA notification?
PANDA stand for "Price Alert Notification at Desired Amount" and is the message PIWoP sends you when an item you PIWoPed drops below the price you set.
Can I PIWoP any item from any supplier's website?
In theory yes, in practice there are websites that, due to the way they are designed will not allow us to get all the information & therefore we are unable to monitor your PIWoP. If that happens please tell us by going to the "My Account" at telling us! We shall attempt to resolve the issue with the site owner.
How do I get the browser button and/or the App?
Once you have successfully registered, click the 'Install PIWoP' button in the homescreen to get the browser button or 'Download App' button to do just that.
What if I want to take a vacation, and I do not want to get notifications for a while?
You can delete either individual PIWoPs or whole lists at any time. We have not built the functionality to "suspend" yet as we are unsure that PIWoPers will want this. If they do we shall add to our design specification for future releases!!
Can I manage items I have PIWoPed?
Yes, you can change your desired price or delete items in the "My PIWoPs" section. Just click the green pencil to edit or the red cross to delete. You can also gather your PIWoPs into lists for easy management.
How do I create an account?
Click the button on the homepage that says "Register me" & input your information following the simple instructions. You may also login with Facebook.
Do you have a mobile App?
Yes, available in the Apple App Store or in Google Play Store! The method for PIWoPing is slightly different as there is no facility for a browser button on mobile phones/tablets. Thus you "Share" using PIWoP & everything else much the same. 

How much does PIWoP cost?

You register FREE and get two PANDA notifications included, so you can see that PIWoP works. After that, in order to use us and get notifications a subscription is asked for, but only £4.79 for six months.