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PIWoP - The price drop alert tool that has changed the way you can shop online
Are there things you've seen that you'd buy if in the future they were reduced? Get a notification when these are available for less. Rather than Buy it Now, just Wait a While!
Whilst browsing ….. see an item & set your PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay) using either our Panda Button or “share” it with PIWoP on a phone or tablet. When the price falls to or below your PIWoP we notify you with a PANDA (Price Alert Notification at Desired Amount).
PIWoP alerts you of future price drops on specific items, from wherever you saw them.
Electronic goods, for example, have a lifecycle and get discounted. Supermarkets have promotions on various products from time to time, and clothing retailers have periodic and end of season sales. The joy of PIWoP is that you choose the item, the website & the price you want to pay; we alert you when those things align. Enjoy a sale mentality all year long without leaving the sofa.
It’s FREE to register. Only after you have received 5 PANDAs (so you know it works) do we invite you to subscribe. Even then it’s only £4.79 every 6 months.
PIWoP can be used to create a price alert any type of item, from a packet of sweets to a holiday, in any currency. It’s anticipated that the majority of PIWoPs will be set in retail sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, drinks, white and luxury goods, sports equipment and furniture. Ultimately it’ll be our customers, not us, who decide what become the most PIWoPed sectors.
When you get a PANDA alert, buy something and save money, you can donate to the WWF to say thank you to those clever Pandas that saved you money!
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